The Battle at Kull’s Scar

When Ardurous Kull realized the consequences of his pact withIridai, he was filled with a great rage. With his newly found powers he assaulted the demon gate and managed to close it. Furious at Ardurous for foiling his plans, Iridai channeled his power into summoning a great host of demonic minions. Ardurous managed to break the assault, dispite amassing numerous wounds. He tracked Iridai to a nearby tree, where the demon lay exhausted from the exertion of his summoning spell. Kull ended the demon with a single peircing blow to the heart, and then turned to walk away.

The dead body of the demon king pulsed with a seeping darkness, then exploded in a huge radius. The blast tore the land asunder, creating a massive crater. Over one hundred miles in each direction felt the force of the explosion. Cracks and fissures split from the explosion, causing the land to collapse and slide towards the massive depression where the demon’s body had once rested.

Presumably Kull was killed in the explosion, as was a large portion of the Reth Anon Kingdom (the heart of the explosion was only a few leagues outside of the capital city). Eventually the waters of the nearby river Marda seeped into the sunken land, creating the marshlands that are there today.


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