The Thayran Kingdoms

Ah, the Thayran Kingdoms

The important thing to remember about the Thayran Kingdoms, is that it’s “Kingdoms” not “Kingdom”. Kings have come and gone, and some of them have tried to unite the kingdoms, but it never seems to last.

The Thayran Kingdoms consists of Kullan, Ahlai, Gajon, Dubris, and Reth Anon.

The last King to unite all of the Thayran kingdoms was Ardurous Kull. The truce if the unified nations did not last more than a generation after Ardurous’s demise at the battle of Kull’s Scar. If anything the drastic methods Ardurous found necessary in claiming his victory caused underlying rifts which have made re-unification of the nations that much more difficult. Some predict that re-unification will only occur when the Kull Reclaimation Prophecy is fulfilled.

The feat was accomplished through careful negotiations, open warfare, and even the summoning of terrible fel beasts.

Rise to Power

Ardurous was born

Truce of the Hildori


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